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Fantastic service - unique personalities! Your service is fantastic, very responsive and your performance was excellent.

Jon Hickton


Ultimate is the most user friendly underfloor heating company I have worked with.

Colin Wolstencroft Albany

Construction Limited

We are very happy with your excellent service - you came on time, you installed on time, we couldn't have asked for anything more.

Mr P Kotham

Project Manager

You lot are really brilliant!

Dave King

Neptune Building Services Limited

The underfloor heating works lovely

Jack Fleming

Building Restoration Specialists

We were very pleased with the job you did and we never had any problems. What we like about Ultimate is that you are contactable, we can always reach you and you always return calls.

Glen Gatehouse

Elmec (Southern) Limited

Very, very good - the system is working well, the house is lovely and warm

Nick Knobes

Sherbourne House

You guys get the job done and have a good laugh at the same time

Guy Trivett

GSP Contractors Limited

We have had no problems and I have recommended you to several people

Simon Irvine

GSP Contractors

The owner is as pleased as Punch

Charlie Langstone

CP Langstone Building Contractor

We are well pleased with the work you have done on all of our projects

Steve O'Neill

Mannings Facilities Management

We were very pleased with the service you gave us

Steve Craig


We are well pleased and very satisfied with your service

Chris Linegar

Circle Construction Limited

We really enjoy working with you

Glen Wetherley

R C Cook Limited

Excellent; brilliant, everything OK

Steven Clare

Steven Clare Developments

That is the neatest underfloor heating installation I have ever seen

Lee Alamaneras , Screeder

Thanks for doing such a neat job

Dave King

Neptune Building Services Limited

We were very pleased with the service provided by Ultimate on Beaufort Park, both in terms of the technical support and the quality of the installation on site. We look forward to working with you again

Martin Chivers

Lowbury Construction Limited

Your performance was excellent

Jon Staples

Elmec (Southern) Limited

We are very pleased with the service you gave us

Dave Fitzgerald

ASAP Limited

I can't believe that I emailed the drawings to you yesterday afternoon and your quote is on my desk this morning

Frequent comment

We use a sophisticated software package to prepare our quotations

Thanks very much for doing such a nice job

John Wesley

JW Contract Services Limited

We drop things in your lap and you get it sorted - even when it is at short notice. We are very pleased with your service

Glen Wetherley

R C Cook Limited

An excellent and friendly service. You were very responsive to all our requests and I was impressed by your attention to detail. I would recommend Ultimate to anybody

Neil Pashley

Neptune Building Services Limited

Everything went very well

Mike Rabey

Kershaw Mechanical Services

First class service - no problems. Your were always on the ball

Brian Milligan , Managing Director

Fulwood Building Services Limited

Underfloor heating has become recognized as the preferred medium for providing comfort and efficiency in both the home and commercial environments. Its combination of uniform heat output and reduced operational temperatures has seen more and more clients choose Underfloor heating for their projects.

Having selected Underfloor heating, it is important that the supplier is equally carefully selected. Quality support from conception to final commissioning can make the difference, helping to ensure the project is completed on time and in budget.

At Camp Road, Ultimate Underfloor Heating played their part in the process, providing detailed design drawings prior to commencement, helping ensure the appearance of the selected controls were to the clients requirement and adjusting site attendance to meet a changing program: Weekend and even night time working was provided when required, often at very short notice to suit screed deliveries. From estimate to projecting, right through to site supervision, we have no complaints about their performance.

Added to that, Ultimate were as competitive at the bid stage as any other recognized installer. Well done, guys - we look forward to working with you again

David Howard , Mechanical Services Director

Cheshire Contracting & Control Ltd

UHMA - The trade association for surface heating and cooling.


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