17) Lower Lifetime Costs

Due to the even distribution of warmth that underfloor heating provides, the actual air temperature can be reduced by 1 - 2°C. This gives both an improved feeling of comfort and energy savings. Claims for annual energy cost savings vary between 15% and 50% but actual figures will vary from installation to installation. Where an underfloor heating system is in screed, energy is lost in constantly heating the screed up.  It is better to leave the underfloor heating system on a low setting throughout the heating season; anecdotally average annual energy savings of 30% can be made. 

As long as oxygen is prevented from getting into the pipe work and excessive water temperatures are not run through the pipe, it should last for 100 years. The pipe we use has a central core of aluminium, which we believe is the most effective oxygen barrier and which adds substantially to the longevity of the pipe.

The maximum energy savings can be achieved when our underfloor heating system is installed with a heat pump from a reputable manufacturer. Heat pumps can be ground source, where they obtain heat either from bore holes or ground loops, or air source, which are free standing heat pumps that take their heat from the air. 

The claims for energy savings using heat pumps vary, as does the energy saved by the different types of pump.  It is safe to assume that a heat pump will last for between 20 and 25 years and that for 50% of that time heating costs will be virtually zero; the energy cost of running the heat pump being the only expense.

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