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Timber Suspended Floor

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  • In this type of floor structure, mineral wool insulation is laid between the joists.
  • Aluminium heat emission plates are fixed to the joists.
  • The underfloor heating pipe is fixed into the grooves in the aluminium plates which have the effect of making the whole of the plated area the radiant surface.
  • After the underfloor heating system has been pressure tested, the wooden sub floor can be installed.
  • With a room temperature of 20 deg C and a floor temperature of 27 deg C, the maximum heat output from an aluminium plated system is 70 W/m.




  • Rockwool is manufactured from volcanic rock which is blended with coke and limestone.
  • The materials are heated and melted in a furnace, then runs on to a series of rotating wheels which spin the drops into fibres.
  • The fibres are then coated with resin and water repellent mineral oil.
  • The loose material is then compressed, oven cured, then cut into rolls.
  • Rockwool is denser than glass mineral wool and it is made up of short strands which give it a high compressive strength. It is also non-combustible.
  • The thermal conductivity of mineral wool ranges between 0.039 W/m and 0.031 W/m.
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